SEIU IL State Council Endorsements

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US Senate:

Tammy Duckworth

US House of Representatives: 

Jonathan Jackson, 1st Congressional District

Robin Kelly, 2nd Congressional District

Delia Ramirez, 3rd Congressional District

Chuy Garcia, 4th Congressional District

Mike Quigley, 5th Congressional District

Sean Casten, 6th Congressional District

Danny Davis, 7th Congressional District

Raja Krishnamoorthi, 8th Congressional District

Jan Schakowsky, 9th Congressional District

Brad Schneider, 10th Congressional District

Bill Foster, 11th Congressional District

Nikki Budzinski, 13th Congressional District

Lauren Underwood, 14th Congressional District

Eric Sorenson, 17th Congressional District

Illinois Governor:

J.B. Pritzker

Illinois Lt. Governor:

Julianna Stratton     

Secretary of State:

Alexi Giannoulias

Attorney General:

Kwame Raoul

Illinois State Comptroller:

Susana Mendoza

Illinois State Treasurer:

Michael Frerichs

Illinois Supreme Court:

Elizabeth Rochford

Mary O’Brien

Illinois Senate:

Javier Cervantes, 1st District

Omar Aquino, 2nd District

Mattie Hunter, 3rd District

Kimberly Lightford, 4th District

Patricia Van Pelt, 5th District

Sarah Feigenholtz, 6th District

Mike Simmons, 7th District

Ram Villavalam, 8th District

Laura Fine, 9th District

Robert Martwick, 10th District

Mike Porifiro, 11th District

Celina Villanueva, 12th District

Robert Peters, 13th District

Emil Jones, III – 14th District

Napoleon Harris, 15th District

Elgie Sims, 17th District

Bill Cunningham, 18th District

Michael Hastings, 19th District

Christina Pacione-Zayas, 20th District

Laura Ellman, 21st District

Christina Castro, 22nd District

Suzanne Glowiak Hilton, 24th District

Karina Villa, 25th District

Ann Gillespie, 27th District

Laura Murphy, 28th District

Julie Morrison, 29th District

Mary Edly Allen, 30th District

Steve Stadelman, 34th District

Mike Halpin, 36th District

Don Harmon, 39th District

Patrick Joyce, 40th District

Linda Holmes, 42nd District

Rachel Ventura, 43rd District

Dave Koehler, 46th District

Doris Turner, 48th District

Meg Loughran Cappel, 49th District

Scott Bennett, 52nd District

Kris Tharp, 56th District

Christopher Belt, 57th District

Illinois House:

Aaron Ortiz, 1st District

Theresa Mah, 2nd District

Dina Delgado, 3rd District

Lilian Jimenez, 4th District

Lamont Robinson, 5th District

Sonya M. Harper, 6th District

Emmanuel Chris Welch, 7th District

Lashawn Ford, 8th District

Lakesia Collins, 9th District

Jawaharial Williams, 10th District

Ann Williams, 11th District

Margaret Croke, 12th District

Hoan Huynh, 13th District

Kelly Cassidy, 14th District

Michael Kelly, 15th District 

Kevin Olickal, 16th District

Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz, 17th District

Robyn Gabel, 18th District

Lindsey LaPointe, 19th District 

Edgar Gonzalez, 21st District

Angelica Guerrero-Cuellar, 22nd District

Abdelnasser Rashid, 23rd District

Elizabeth Hernandez, 24th District

Curtis Tarver, II, 25th District

Kam Buckner, 26th District

Justin Slaughter, 27th District

Bob Rita, 28th District

Thaddeus Jones, 29th District

Will Davis, 30th District

Mary Flowers, 31st District

Cyril Nichols, 32nd District

Marcus Evans, 33rd District

Nick Smith, 34th District

Frances Ann Hurley, 35th District

Kelly M. Burke, 36th District

Debbie Meyers-Martin, 38th District

Will Guzzardi, 39th District

Jamie Andrade, 40th District

Janet Yang-Rohr, 41st District

Terra Costa-Howard, 42nd District

Anna Moeller, 43rd District

Fred Crespo, 44th District

Diane Blair Sherlock, 46th District

Azam Nizamuddin, 48th District

Maura Hirschauer, 49th District

Nabeela Syed, 51st District

Mark Walker, 53rd District

Mary Beth Canty, 54th District

Marty Moylan, 55th District

Michelle Mussman, 56th District

Jonathan Carroll, 57th District

Bob Morgan, 58th District

Daniel Didech, 59th District

Rita Mayfield, 60th District

Joyce Mason, 61st District

Laura Faver Dias, 62nd District

Suzanne Ness, 66th District

Maurice West, 67th District

Dave Vella, 68th District

Lance Yednock, 76th District

Norma Hernandez, 77th District

Anthony DeLuca, 80th District

Anne Stava-Murray, 81st District

Matt Hanson, 83rd District

Stephanie Kifowit, 84th District

Dagmara Avelar, 85th District

Lawrence Walsh, Jr., 86th District

Sharon Chung, 91st District

Jehan Gordon-Booth, 92nd District

Sue Scherer, 96th District

Harry Benton, 97th District

Natalie Manley, 98th District

Cindy Cunningham, 102nd District

Carol Ammons, 103rd District

Katie Stuart, 112th District

Jay Hoffman, 113th District

LaToya Greenwood, 114th District

Cook County

Fritz Kaegi, Cook County Assessor

Brandon Johnson, Commissioner 1st District

Dennis Deer, Commissioner 2nd District

Bill Lowry, Commissioner 3rd District

Stan Moore, Commissioner 4th District

Monica Gordon, Commissioner 5th District

Alma Anaya, Commissioner 7th District

Anthony Quezada, Commissioner 8th District

Maggie Trevor, Commissioner 9th District

Bridget Gainer, Commissioner 10th District

Bridget Degnen, Commissioner 12th District

Josina Morita, Commissioner 13th District

Scott Britton, Commissioner 14th District

Kevin Morrison, Commissioner 15th District

Frank Aguilar, Commissioner 16th District

Dan Calandriello, Commissioner 17th District

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Patricia Flynn

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Dan Pogorzelski

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Mariyana Spyropoulos

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