About Us

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Illinois State Council (State Council) joins more than 150,000 members who power a wide variety of industries across the region, including: janitors, healthcare workers, childcare workers, and public employees across the Illinois.

Our work is guided by a simple vision: Give each worker a voice in decisions that affect them.

The Council exists to protect and bolster a standard of living for members and their families by bargaining for good labor contracts and bringing the benefits of SEIU membership to non-union employees. We advocate to affirm the dignity of each worker, the services they provide, and to promote fairness in the workplace.

The State Council consists of the following three local unions that have members who work in Illinois:

·         SEIU Local 1

·         SEIU Local 73

·         SEIU Healthcare Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas (SEIU HCII or SEIU HCIIMK)

SEIU, the largest union in the nation, was founded in Chicago over 100 years ago. Today, our locals carry on a proud tradition of advocacy that stretches from the Illinois General Assembly to the U.S. Congress.  Our members are located across Illinois, Indiana, Southern Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas and in St. Louis, Missouri.