The SEIU Illinois State Council Endorses Candidates Who Will Fight for
Issues Important to Working Families

Sign in front of Chicago City Hall

CHICAGO – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Illinois State Council (State Council) joins more than 150,000 members who power a wide variety of industries across the region, including janitors, healthcare workers, childcare workers, and public employees across Illinois.

The SEIU Illinois State Council exists to bolster the standard of living for members and their families. SEIU members have been on the front line during the Covid-19 pandemic taking care of our elderly, ensuring our safety, keeping our buildings sanitary, and taking care of our children. SEIU members power the city of Chicago. That’s why we are proud to endorse candidates who have a proven track record of fighting for working families and share our vision of a just city. 

“Our members have fought for the last four years to raise standards for workers throughout Chicago. We won a $15 minimum wage, predictable scheduling for workers, and took strides to make our communities safer. But we won’t stop there. We will continue to push to raise standards for our members and workers throughout Chicago. Not only in the workplace but also in the communities that they go home to,” said SEIU Illinois State Council President Greg Kelley.

“Together, we will build on the progress we have made and continue to push back on those who believe that our members shouldn’t be treated like the heroes that they are,”  said SEIU Local 1 President Genie Kastrup.

We welcome the opportunity to comment on any or all of these endorsed candidates. Please contact Anthony Driver at adriver@seiuilcouncil.org 773-967-0503

Full list of endorsed candidates below.

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SEIU Illinois State Council Municipal Aldermanic Endorsements

1 Daniel La Spata

3 Pat Dowell

4 Lamont Robinson

5 Desmon Yancy

6 William Hall

7 Greg Mitchell

8 Michelle Harris

10 Ana Guajardo

11 Nicole Lee

12 Julia Ramirez

14 Jeylu Gutierrez 

16 Stephanie Coleman

17 David Moore

19 Matt O’Shea

20 Jeanette Taylor

21 Ronnie Mosley

22 Mike Rodriguez

23 Silvana Tabares

25 Byron Sigcho-Lopez

28 Jason Ervin

29 Chris Taliaferro

31 Felix Cardona

32 Scott Waguespack

33 Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez

34 Bill Conway

35 Carlos Ramirez-Rosa

37 Emma Mitts

40 Andre Vasquez

43 Rebecca Janowitz

47 Matthew Martin

49 Maria Hadden

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